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Complementary Services

Works assigned by mercantile legislation

  • Bonds convertible into shares
  • Exclusion of preferential subscription right
  • Valuation of shares in cases of transfer due to death or forced shares and in certain cases of separation and exclusion of partners.
  • Liquidation of usufruct without agreement or between the parties on the amount to be paid
  • Other works of valuation of shares or social participations

Limited reviews and agreed-upon procedures

  • Limited reviews
  • Reviews of annual packaging declarations (ECOEMBES)
  • Reporting Package Revisions
  • Certifications of specific facts
  • Grant supporting review
  • Calculation of the gross added value for the purposes of certifying the status of electro-intensive consumer

Proceedings as experts

  • Expert’s report
  • Due Diligence
  • CSR Review (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Refinancing reviews
  • Non-Financial information statement review
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